Sunday 9:00 am Mass

Sunday 9:00 Mass 

Misas Dominicales 12:15 pm y 5:30 pm

Misas Dominicales en San patricio

Seminars on the Catholic Teachings on Sexuality

4 part series seminars on the Catholic teachings on sexuality and the challenges young people face today with issues of the crisis of gender, transgenderism, marriage and homosexuality.

175th Anniversary Concert with Jaime Cortez

On June 23th, 2016 Composer Jaime Cortez visit St. Patrick Church for our 175th Anniversary Bilingual Concert. Thank you OCP for making this wonderful event possible.

For more information on Jaime's Music visit:

Jubilee - 175 Years Mass Celebration

 December 24th, 2016

Video: Night of Worship and Thanksgiving


Night of Worship and Thanksgiving

with Ebenezer Baptist Church Choir

October 01, 2016

The Passion of Christ 2016

Produced by Revive Ministry with members of our youth groups.

Catholic TV - TV Católica