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Our Sunday  9:00  Mass. Check our multimedia page to see Mass in Spanish, and videos of recent events.

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Retreat with Immaculée Ilibagiza April 12, 13 2019

Saint Patrick Church on the News 2019

St. Patrick Church receives national award for its welcoming spirit


From The Rhode Island Catholic

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Finding Faith Underground Adoration ∙ Music ∙ Arts ∙ Catholic Fellowship


From The Rhode Island Catholic

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Marlyn Batista: Legislators must stop and search their conscience


From The Rhode Island Catholic

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Saint Patrick Church on the News 2018

Parishes begin receiving their share of proceeds from capital campaign


From The Rhode Island Catholic

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Making the faith more accessible to those unable to hear the Mass


From The Rhode Island Catholic

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Audrey Assad delivers stirring performance filled with raw emotion


From The Rhode Island Catholic

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Mass Times - Adoration - Daily Readings


Weekend Mass


4:00 pm (English)   6:00 pm (Spanish)


900 am (English)  ASL

12:15 pm (Spanish)   5:30pm (Spanish) 

Daily Mass

English Daily Mass: Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday: 5:30 PM;   Friday: 12:05PM 

Spanish Daily Mass: Wednesdays & Fridays at 6:30 PM  

Saturday Daily Mass: 7:15 AM English

Confessions English and Spanish

Saturday 3:00 pm

Sunday 8:00 am  Wednesday 5:30 pm

Our Lady of Guadalupe Adoration Chapel

Come and Pray!

Our chapel is open Monday to Wednesday from 5:00 am until 11:00  pm and…

Thursday at 5:00 am until Sunday night  at 11:00 pm

You may come and pray during any of these hours; or If you would like to sign up for 1 hour of Adoration per week, please register by email: mujeresluzdecristo12@gmail.com or call the Parish Office at 401-421-7070  for more  information

There are many available hours...

Jesus waits for you in the Sacrament of Love!

His mother said to the servers, “Do whatever he tells you.” John, 2:5

Pero su madre dijo a los sirvientes: “Hagan lo que él les diga.” Juan, 2:5

Daily Readings

Check out the daily readings from in English or Spanish from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Website.

Daily Readings

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Saint Patrick’s Church, a light on the hill!

175th Anniversary

Our Church remodeled and painted with modern saints for our 175th Anniversary of foundation 

Our Artist

Our Charismatic History

St. Patrick Catholic Church was in danger of closing before 1971, when the Holy Spirit...

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Our Pastor Father James

Rev. James Ruggieri receives the 2017 Lumen Gentium Award for Evangelization

Read about Father